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Welcome to Nijumaru.

We are an ALL YOU CAN EAT Japanese restaurant located in Glenelg and North Park.

You will be spoiled for choice with our authentic, expertly crafted menu. Expect premium sushi, sashimi, hot and cold dishes as well as various Japanese delicacies freshly prepared on site. Get ready for access to unlimited amounts of Japanese food for a price of only $39.50 per person. With over 50 dishes to choose from, there is something for everyone.

We aim to be one of the best restaurants in Adelaide by not only delivering authentic Japanese food but also creating an unforgettable dining experience through our professional service and contemporary ambiance.

The Japanese experience does not stop at food. We even have a collection of Japanese Sake, whisky and colourful cocktails for you to enjoy. Our prime location in Glenelg also makes us the perfect pit stop after a fun day at the beach.

So what are you waiting for? Take the stress away from deciding where to eat and visit Nijumaru. Our all you can eat menu will allow you to experience new dishes while also having your classic favourites!


Glenelg | North Park

Freshly made on the site

All you can eat

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